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Beauty is what drives my passion for make-up. Make-up is a tool everyone uses to highlight our beauty. Make-up gives us confidence. As a make-up artist I see how my clients feel after I'm done with their make-up. Their attitude changes, you can see the confidence radiating from them, and that is what I love about my job. Helping people feel beautiful.

I'm starting this company because I was motivated by my clients not only because of the way you can see their demeanor change when I am done with their make-up, but because they would tell me " You should carry the lipstick you use on your clients so that we can buy them from you" That was easier said than done because I am always mixing lipsticks to make a unique color for that client. This is why I decided that I needed to create my own make-up company to be able to create these unique color combos for every person.

As a child my mother was always selling clothes, cooking pans, cosmetics and skincare products. This helped me because I would help her sell but at the same time I learned what the majority of people wanted, and that was quality at an affordable price. My goal for the company is to create an amazing line, with great quality at an affordable price, so every single beautiful person out there can enjoy and afford my brand. 

I have many plans for expansion in the future and I hope that you will follow us on this journey of new discovery and growth to find out what great things we have in store for you. 


Thank You

Founder & CEO

Jenniffer Velez